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In this page will be mentioned a description of the federations to which the dojo listed in this site are affiliated.

Federations are sorted by number of affiliated dojos.

The total of dojos mentioned by federations is the sum of affiliated sub sections dojos and directly affiliated dojos.

Hint: The text of each federation, if any available, is expandable by clicking on the image on the left.


ACSA: Association Culturelle Suisse d'Aikido (34 dojos)
AS: Aikido Switzerland (33 dojos)
UAS: Union d'Aikido Suisse (16 dojos within following sections, and still some dojos directly under UAS)
AIATJ: Association Internationale d'Aikido Traditionnel du Japon (9 dojos)
FSA/SAF:Fédération Suisse d'Aikido/Schweizerische Aikido Föderation (7 dojos)
KNKI: Ki no Kenkyukai Internationale (6 dojos)
BCH: Birankai Switzerland (5 dojos)
AKS: Association Suisse d'Aikibudo & Kobudo (4 dojos)
ASAS: Association Suisse d'Aikido Shodokan (4 dojos)
EAC: Evolutionary Aikido Community (3 dojos)
AYF: Aikido Yoshinkan Foundation (2 dojos)
CAA: California Aikido Association (2 dojos)
ISSASK: Iwama shin shin aiki shuren kai (2 dojos)
AAGE: Académie d'Aïkido et des Arts du Geste (1 dojo)
ARA: Aikitai-Jutsu Ryu Abe (1 dojo)
AT-DA: Aikido Traditionnel - Dojos Autonomes (1 dojo)
FAA: Fundamental Aikido Association (1 dojo)
ISTA: International School of Traditional Aikido (1 dojo)
IYBF: International Yoseikan Budo Federation (1 dojo)
TAA: Takemusu Aikido Association (1 dojo)
TAE: Traditional Aikido Europe (1 dojo)
YJF: Yufukan Japan Foundation (1 dojo)