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Newsletter (APRIL 2022)

Dear friend aikidoka,

The Aikido in Switzerland home page has broken the 770'000 hits few weeks ago, increasing daily, and recording only about 2000 hits per month. This means about 70 visits per day, everyday! Another metric refers to the calendar page with more than 1'515'000 hits, or something like 1'500 visits per month! Compared to pre-COVID era, interest has not yet really recovered!

With a total of 222 (1 more) dojos listed in 151 (1 more) different cities belonging to 23 distinct states, Aikido In Switzerland is the most comprehensive aikido dojo listings about Switzerland in the world, best of all, it's free, however Aikido In Switzerland relies on YOUR help to keep the database up-to-date. Please check your dojo's entry in the database to make sure all of its information is correct. By doing so, you will help countless other aikido practitioners around the world. To add a new entry or update an existing, just drop me an e-mail, or reply to this newsletter.

For the year 2022, a total of not less than 217 seminars and events have already been notified, and there still are 145 of these to attend until the end of the year, 28 in the current month (few of them could already be past), and some more will certainly be added in the next months.

Thanks to you all, for the information sent.

The running poll question is How COVID-19 Pandemic changed your aikido practice? Please vote and share with other aikidoka your advice.

Did you already try the feature to retrieve a seminar by date, sensei, or state? Click here. This feature allows you to find out the last added / updated seminars. Just select Last updates, in this case.

You have as well the option to set a reminder for your favorite seminar, or to receive an e-mail when a seminar occurs in your state, or your favorite sensei teaches a seminar. Click here

As you see, Aikido In Switzerland is a very active portal for the aikido community in Switzerland, and the continuous efforts to make it better are reflected in the hits and in the poll results.

VERY IMPORTANT: Have you felt that all of the free information contained in Aikido In Switzerland are worth supporting? Here's your chance to help the Swiss Aikido web! Please consider to make a donation to support this free web site. Please keep in mind that donations are welcome, but in no way required. You can still submit events, dojo details, and so on without making a donation. In the same way, making a donation does not provide a particular status regarding the changes and the updates of Aikido In Switzerland. Any amount will be appreciated and is entirely left up to your discretion.

If you are on of those who have already donated, thank you once again. Don't forget, if anyone has any feedback on the service, please contact me.

Can't make a donation? Well, you can spread the word about my site to bring more visitors. More users are always a good thing...

Donors will be mentioned (except contrary notice) on Aikido In Switzerland (no listing of the amount).

Please tell your friends about this list and the existence of the Swiss Aikido Web, feel encouraged to share/forward these announcements to people who might be interested. Print it out and put it on your dojo bulletin board!

Now there is a nice opportunity to put a link to the Aikido In Switzerland home page (http://www.aikido.ch). Just copy the following HTML code and paste it (as plain text) in your own page, and you'll have this special banner that will look and act like the below button:

  <a href="http://www.aikido.ch/">
<img src="http://www.aikido.ch/images/AikidoInSwitzerlandBanner.gif"
alt="Aikido In Switzerland: The Swiss Aikido Web Home Page"
style="border: medium none"
border="0"> </a>

Aikido In Switzerland: The Swiss Aikido Web Home Page

It is very easy and would be greatly appreciated.

That's it for today!

I thank you again for your support, and stay tuned for information and more news.

Take care.

Valerio Gianascio

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